We’re back from an incredible trip to Beijing. Check out some pictures from our trip.

Wednesday the 6th of september we all met up in Oslo and headed for China. Around noon on thursday we landed in Beijing. The first thing we saw when we got off the plane was two people waiting for us at the gate with a Don Juan Dracula poster in their hands. From there on all we had to do was keep up, as we started a crazy trip through Beijing international airport! From being rushed through a passport line which would probably take us hours to clear, to passing thru chinese customs like they had waiting for us all day, and then jumping on our own bus waiting outside the airport, the tone for the trip was set… From there on we were taken care of like kings by our chinese friends! Thursday night we had our first gig at Star Live. After 20 hours of traveling and no sleep we had to gather all our energy to be able to give china a regular DJD show. We were a bit tired before the show and we all fell asleep backstage after a delicious meal next door to the venue an hour before the show. But when we finally entered the stage we where ready to rock China! Lots of Norwegian students had found their way to Star Live and they where making our first show in China way to easy for us in front of the stage. After a long break from DJD it was so exciting for all of us being on a stage in Beijing and feeling the warm welcome from our Chinese audience. After playing an hour show in a hot club and not sleeping for 30 hours you would think we went to bed… But why waist our first night in Beijing in a hotel-room? This called for a celebration! So we went out to sample the local beer, which we liked very much, so we stayed out until morning.

Friday morning after 2 hours of sleep the festival crew picked us up early and we headed for sound check in Chaoyang Park where the Beijing Pop Festival was coming into place. The festival area was great! A huge lovely park with 3 stages and a huge big jump where Burton brought some of the worlds best snowboarders. Sound check was good but because of some communication problems it took while – but we had a really nice translator that helped us out. So thank you so much Scott for joining in on such short notice!

Saturday was the first day of the festival and we entered the main stage around 3pm, just a couple of shows before headliner Placebo. We had an excellent time on stage and we really connected with the Chinese audience! Henrik climbed the top of the stage and it seems like nobody had seen anyone do that before! The crowd went wild! He managed to sing a couple of lines of Mexico before the guards waved him back down. After working our way through the set, enjoying every minute of it, we started to reach the end. We finished off our set with Jetlag and really got the chinese audience jumping, although I don’t think the police officers guarding the stage were too happy with that… . After the show DJD had really got the attention of the crowd, press and festival crew. Lots of CD signing, interviews and pictures where taken before our personal life guards guided us towards the back stage area and our trailer. The show was a success and we needed to celebrate again with more beer and champagne.

After our shows were done we spent 4 beautiful days in Beijing. We did see some tourist attractions like the Forbidden City – amazing! But most of the time we spent with our manager Shane Chisholm taking in the asian atmosphere, planning the next moves for DJD. We also went out dining and drinking with the other artists performing at the festival. All in all this has been one of the most perfect weeks in DJD history. It’s so good being back on stage together, and it’s good to know we are just getting started…

Looking back on this trip we really need to thank some people. First of all: Thank you so much Jason for bringing us to the 2006 Beijing Pop Festival! We would also like to thank the festival crew and a special thanks to Shan Wei, Rosa and Ruby. We had a great time and you all took great care of us. Thanks to all the Chinese people who checked us out at Star Live and at the Beijing Pop Festival – we hope we managed to make you all DJD fans, cause we’re officially fans of China! Thanks to all the Norwegian students for showing up at our gigs – great to meet you all! Thanks to Chris for writing such cool words about DJD in the local press. Thanks to everyone at the Star Live for a great show and for a wonderful chinese dinner! We will return if you guys want us back. And finally a big thank you to Scott for being our technical translator during our 2 shows – we couldn’t have done it without you! Good luck with your own career!

That pretty much sums it up…. so…are you still reading??! Haven’t you got better things to do?!!! Well – we did some video blogging on our china tour, so when our hangovers are cured, we get adjusted to our own time zone and we manage to get the tape on to our computer for some editing (believe me it needs editing! : ) we will share it with you!

Love you all!

/DJD Henrik, Thomas, Henning & Ola

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